still life Mahu Cornelis

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Representative still life, oil on canvas, 17th century
monogram in the middle of the tablecloth C.M.
Cornelis Mahu, navy- and still life painter in Antwerpen, 1613 - 1689
H 56 W 83 centimetres (inner part)
H 75 W 102 cm (incl. frame)
Mahu Cornelis, Flemish still life painter, born 1613 in Antwerpen, died there
on the 15th on nov. 1689, 1638/39 master of the Lukasgilde, his breakfast
still lives reveal clearly the influence of Haarlem still life painting
A COA exists from Dr. Walther Bernt (dating from the 5th of nov. 1986, Munich)
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