representative corner cabinet

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Extraordinary, representative corner cabinet from aristocratic property in Munich (Munich Palais),

in the style of Christoph Baumgaertner (ebenist in the city of Bern),

executed in the typical classicistic style, inlaid and marcetery with veneering made of walnut, maple, plum, cherry-wood, birch and ebony. Lovely colour and patina.

The narrow corner cabinet has a rectangular little door in the upper part with round mouthblown glas section.

The middle corner part is flanked by two chest of drawers and ends in semicircular cupboards.

Above the chest of drawers you can find several smaller inlaid drawers (two of them had been replaced later)

Very good authentic condition, the surface has been cleaned thoroughly

Original bronze fittings ,

Measures in cm: side length each: 194, height 194, depth 46 respectively 32.

Provenance: Munich, 19. century

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